Thursday, 30 April 2015

Jonathan, Zuma discuss xenophobic attacks on phone

President Zuma calls President Jonathan concerning recent xenophobic attacks
South African President, Jacob Zuma, has had a telephone discussion with Nigeria’s President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan over the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa.
The two Presidents reaffirmed the warm and cordial relationship between South Africa and Nigeria and pledged that the two countries will continue to work together for the good of their citizens, and Africa as a whole.
President Jonathan expressed his support for the efforts of South Africa to arrest the attacks on foreign nationals and to ensure the safety and security of all citizens.
President Zuma will attend the inauguration of the President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, General Muhammadu Buhari, which is to hold on May 29.
Last week,  President Zuma held a closed door meeting with various foreign national groups and African civil society groups to seek an end to Xenophobic Attacks.

Wiz Kahilifa raps about wanting Amber Rose back in new track


Wiz Khalifa who has been silent since his separation from Amber Rose regardless of the fact that fans have been begging that he got back together with Amber have now spoken out in a new song 'Rico Love's "Somebody Else featuring Usher' where he raps about how the break up have left a hole in his heart and wonders if he can ever loving again, talks about wanting Amber back.

He raps:

Thought I had it
All the magic, I couldn’t imagine
That it would all end tragic
Automatically I’m the bad one
I was only doing us
Gave everything, a kid and house
And a wedding ring
And now you talk about you could do better things
How did we get this way?
How do you entertain that bullsh-t?
Why you even care what Instagram got to say?
Now when you see me, we don’t act the same
Smiling on TV tryna hide the pain
An empty seat where you used to be with me on the plane
That empty hole in my heart
Will I ever love again?
You had your way and you know it
Ain’t thinking forward, you still in the past
Ain’t gon’ lie, I spent some time thinking if we could’ve lasted
Screaming ‘F-ck the world,’ I know what’s behind those glasses
Rollin’ up another joint thinkin’ bout the last
Being alone ain’t what you wanna be
And me with a girl ain’t what you wanna see
Truthfully, it’ ain’t you, it’s me.

Amber Rose has been verbal about wanting to get back together with Wiz Khalifa, even saying she still loves.

Wiz and Amber why are you all talking about wanting each other back but nobody is making the move to get back together. You both should stop talking to us and talk to yourselves. Make it work

Zoe Kravitz bares boobs for Flaunt Magazine - PHOTOS (NUDITY +20)


She's rocker Lenny Kravitz daughter.
Zoe Kravitz 26, was feature in the recent issue of Flaunt Magazine and the singer/actress showed off her bare boobs in the pages of Flaunt Magazine.
She talks about social media and this is what she said:

On social media:

“We’re going to find out, at one point, how it’s affected human beings. We’re part of an experiment.” Zoë confirms. “The information is right there. But it’s all about who you are. You can either use the internet and look at gossip blogs and porn all day, which is fine sometimes. Or you can use it to do exactly what we’re talking about: to connect with people, and find information. It’s all there, so it all comes down to your level of discipline, and interests and wonder.”

On social media affecting life:
“It can be a huge distraction. And that’s fine, sometimes. Totally. I’m not saying that you always be like”
Below are the uncensored photos showing her boobs...

Actress Chika Ike stuns in new photos


Nollywood diva, Chike sure gets all it takes. The actress brought out her fierceness on the set of a new photoshoot for Glamour Magazine. And the actress recent revealed that she's been celibate for 5 months. Well done girl.

 Another photo...

Photos from burial of convicted drug traffickers executed in Indonesia

The 4 Nigerians executed
The eight convicted drug smugglers, including four Nigerians who were executed by a firing squad in Indonesia in the early hours of Wednesday, April 29, 2015 have been buried.
The pastors who were present at the final hours before they were executed said Andrew Chan, Myuran Sukumaran and the other 6 death row inmates refused to wear blindfolds and were singing as they were shot dead by a 13-men firing squad in Besi Prison on the island of Nusakambangan.
Pastor Christie Buckingham, who read Chan and Sukumaran their last rites said the 8 death row inmates walked into the killing field singing religious songs in the last minutes before they were executed.
He further said that the executed men conducted themselves with ‘dignity and strength until the end’.
Photos from the burial was released by media. Below are some very sad photos and what you need to know about the Nigerians Martin Anderson, 50; Silvester Nwolise, 47; Okwudili Oyatanze, 41, and Jamiu Abashin, 50 who were executed:


Raheem Agbaje Salami (also known as Jamiu Owolabi Abashin)

The NDLEA said Salami appears to be Nigerian but holds a Spanish passport and is thought to be also known by the name Jamiu Owolabi Abashin.
He entered Indonesia using a Spanish passport under the name Raheem Agbaje Salami.
He was caught with 5.5 kilos of heroin inside a suitcase at the airport in Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city, on September 2, 1998 and was originally sentenced, in 1999, to life in prison.
Abashin, 50, has said he was homeless in Bangkok when a new “friend” offered him $400 to take some clothes to Indonesia.
The sentence was changed to one of death in 2006. In an appeal for presidential clemency, Abashin admitted he never knew he was carrying the drugs. His appeal was unsuccessful.

Martin Anderson

There is some confusion about Anderson's nationality. A spokesman for Indonesia's attorney-general said he is Nigerian but Nigeria's NDLEA said he is a Ghanaian citizen who was born in London in 1964.
He was arrested in Jakarta in 2003 and sentenced to death.

Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise
Nwolise is a 49-year-old Nigerian who was found guilty in September 2004 of trafficking 1.18 kilos of heroin through Sukarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta in 2002.
He was sentenced to death. His clemency appeal was rejected in February this year.
The previous month, Indonesia's national narcotics body said he was running a drugs ring in jail, according to Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).
His wife said he believed he was carrying tablets which he swallowed containing goat horn powder for some Nigerian friends in Pakistan. She also said he had no translator during his trial, and there are allegations that a bribe was sought to spare him a death sentence.

Okwuduli Oyatanze

Oyatanze, 41, was sentenced to death in 2002, found guilty of attempting to bring 2.5kg of heroin through Jakarta in capsules inside his stomach.
His clemency appeal was rejected earlier this year.
Charles Burrows, a Catholic priest who has counselled Oyatanze in prison, says that the Nigerian man, following the collapse of his clothing company, had thought being a drugs mule would be "easy money".

Teenager 'stabs sleeping 9 year-old boy to death' because he wanted 'to see what it was like'


A teenager confessed to stabbing his best friend's little brother to death because 'he wanted to see what it was like'.
William Shultz, 18, killed little Jordon Almgren while he slept, saying he wanted to murder someone 'before the end of the world'.
Shultz gave the extraordinary confession during an interview in jail, in which he calmly said: "I wanted to see what it was like to take a life before someone tried to take mine."
Wearing a yellow, jail-issued jumpsuit with his hair cut short, Shultz said: "I wish that I hadn't. I think about what if that was my little brother. In that sense, I do feel bad. I do have remorse for what I did. But there's a reason for everything that happens."
Shultz murdered Jordan early on Sunday morning after he visited the family home following an argument with his mum.
The killer told how his family had become concerned about his mental health and Shultz was briefly hospitalised just a day before the stabbing. Police were sent to Shultz's house and were asked by his family to evaluate his mental health on Saturday.
It was determined that he did not meet the criteria for a mental health sectioning but the teen agreed to be taken by ambulance to the county hospital for evaluation and treatment. Once he was discharged, Shultz visited his mum's house before they had the fatal row.
In an interview with American news site Contra Costa Times, Shultz said tragic Jordon's older brother had been his best friend since high school.
Shultz was arrested Sunday on suspicion of Jordon's murder, and is being held on $1 million bail in the County Jail in Martinez.
When police arrived at the family home, Jordan has already been sent to hospital.
Shultz, who had spent the night at Jordon's home, was identified as the suspect, and a police spokesman said he attacked the boy overnight for "unknown reasons."
Detectives are currently trying to establish a motive, police spokesman Jimmy Lee said.
A nurse treating Shultz found slashing wounds on his wrist after he accidentally caught his arm on a glass window twice during the stabbing.
A memorial for Jordon has now been set up near the family's home in Discovery Bay, California.
Shultz, who said he has no criminal record, lived in Discovery Bay for about 10 years and said his past played a role in the stabbing.
"A lot goes into what led me to that moment," he said.
About a month ago, Shultz said, he got in a fight with his parents and left home for Los Angeles.
"What's the purpose of why I'm on this Earth? I need to find that," he said, adding that he started noticing "coincidences or miracles".
He said his relatives all expressed concerns over his mental state, and shared books with him that he said contained "mysterious messages".
He said he became obsessed with the number three and those "coincidences" from books. On Thursday, he said he bought survival gear and planned to find a way to South America to avoid an upcoming American civil war. He bought a "Bear Grylls knife", which he said was the stabbing weapon.
"I saw it as the world was sort of coming to an end," he said, adding that he told this to his mum.
"She didn't want to hear it. It concerned her about my mental state. She wanted me to see a psychiatrist."
On Saturday Shultz said he was taken to the county hospital, where he spoke to a psychiatrist for two hours, sharing his books but telling the doctor he was not hearing voices.
"He didn't even know how to take it. He decided to discharge me and sent me home in a taxi, and I later found out he called my mom and told her I was delusional," he said.
A Contra Costa Health Services spokeswoman said on Monday she couldn't comment on the decision to discharge Shultz, citing health privacy laws. On his return home, Shultz said he fought with his mum and she kicked him out, sending him to his best friend's house.
At the house that day, lots of kids were around playing video games and eating pizza, he said. Eventually everyone went to sleep, but at 3am Shultz said he began to feel paranoid.
"I couldn't sleep. I had all these thoughts going through my mind," he said.
He said he thought of killing his best friend but had concerns because he was too big.
"I singled out his little brother and went into his room while he was asleep. At the time, there was no feeling. I was asking myself why am I standing over him? What am I about to do?
"I put my hand over his face, and I stabbed him," he said.
Shultz said he confessed to detectives and stressed that the stabbing was not premeditated.
After the killing, Shultz said he drove to the hospital, where he was later handcuffed by police to his bed.
He said he considered driving to his dad's house to shoot himself.
"But then no-one could make sense of why I killed my best friend's little brother," he said.

-Mirror UK

Woman spotted driving Dangote truck on highway

A twitter user shared a photo of pretty and slim female truck driver, she was driving a Dangote truck and just the sight of her driving a monster truck caused traffic in Ibadan when people stopped their cars just to take pictures of her. The user said the lady drove so well, she even left other drivers in the traffic after she had wriggled her truck out of the gridlock and drove off.
Dangote group is a place where degree and Masters holders are employed as drivers so it would be shocking to know they are also employing women as drivers.
See more photos below:


Man cuts off his manhood to deprive girlfriend of sexual enjoyment

A man who was mad at his girlfriend decided to deny her of any further sexual enjoyment when he used a scissors to cut off his own manhood during a fight.
According Chinese newspaper Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the drunk man in Jilong, Taiwan, was so mad at his girlfriend that he cut not just his penis but the testicles as well.
The 46-year-old, whose name has not been released, reportedly flushed his his 'sugar stick' down the toilet before the girlfriend rushed him to the hospital but by the time he got there, he had fallen into a coma due to blood loss.
Doctors said that had the man not flushed his penis, they likely would have been able to reattach it.
With only 1.2 inches of manhood left, the man is reportedly still able to urinate but may not be able to have sex ever.

Rihanna and Chris Brown spotted partying together


Chris Brown might be trying to win back his ex Karrueche but until then he's been spotted partying in the venues as his ex Rihanna which has sparked up rumors that the two are secretly hooking up (Rih bad idea).
The rumors started after the two were spotted at Coachella hanging in the same VIP area this year.
The two haven't been seen at the same party, especially a private one in a long time and just in couple of weeks they have been spotted in not one but two private parties.
Rihanna was spotted last night at rapper Travis Scott's 23rd rodeo-hemed birthday party alongside the likes of Kanye West, French Montana, and wait for it...ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.
The two were not at any point in that party seen together but they did each strike a pose with the same snake that made a cameo at the party:
Too much of a coincidence? And sorry for the headline meant to say were spotted in same party...Lol! I got you didn't I?

Husband wants wife to refund N1.4m marriage expenses after she abandoned their matrimonial home

A middle-aged-man, Collins Nduka, on Thursday pleaded with an Ojo Customary Court in Lagos State to order his wife, Sefinat Nduka, to refund N1.4 million he spent in marrying her.
Collins told the court that his wife, whom he married three years ago, had decided to abandon her matrimonial home for more than a year.
“I would want a refund of the amount that I spent as marriage and dowry expenses because she has become unfaithful. My wife is not faithful to the marriage because she has other relationships apart from me and I no more love her. After all, she has not given birth to any child for me. The most painful thing is that she has parked all my belongings in my house to an unknown place in addition to her emptying my shop which I stocked with over N750,000,” he said.
According to him, the three-year-old marriage is being threatened and every bit of her action portrays her as someone no longer interested in the union.
“I invited my friends from outside the country to make the marriage an expensive one and after it, she wants to leave me for another man, I need my dowry so she can be free,” Nduka said.
He pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage and order Sefinat to return his belongings which she allegedly parked away and money to him so that he could continue with his life.
Sefinat, who was absent in court, had earlier told the court that she did not cart away her husband’s property as he had alleged.
She, however, said that she was ready for the divorce.
The President, Chief Joseph Ogunmola, while advising the husband on the dangers of divorce, instructed that the respondent be invited to the court.
“The court does not dissolve any marriage except in extreme cases, we need the consent of both parties before judgment so she must be invited, “he said.
Ogunmola, therefore, adjourned the case to May19 for further hearing. 
- (NAN)

Micheal Essien's £75,000 Range Rover Vogue stolen from UK home

Michael Essien's £75,000 Range Rover Vogue has been stolen from the driveway of his home in the Surrey UK.
According to Daily Mail UK, burglars targeted the property, in Cobham, Surrey, where Chelsea's training ground is based, and made off with the 4x4.
The Ghana midfielder/ex Chelsea star left the Blues for Italian club AC Milan in January 2014 but still owns the property purchased during his time at Stamford Bridge.
Two other vehicles, a Mercedes and a BMW, were stolen from a neighbour on the same day.
A spokesman for Surrey Police told Sportsmail: 'On Tuesday, 7 April, Surrey Police received reports that three vehicles were stolen from two different addresses in Cobham in the early hours of the morning.
'A Range Rover Vogue was stolen from the driveway of one property while a Mercedes and a BMW were stolen following a burglary at another address.
'Officers have carried out a number of enquiries including extensive house-to-house in the local area and the investigation remains ongoing at this time.'

Who wore it better? - Khloe Kardashian Vs Kim Kardashian

We all know by now that the Kardashians girls love to share clothes. And this latest showdown of who wore it better, Khloé Kardashian just stepped out in a plunging, white Wes Gordon design the same one Kim wore about a year ago at Cecconi's in Los Angeles, on Thursday evening while hanging with her family at an exclusive nightspot.
Khloé attended the Opening Ceremony and Calvin Klein Jeans' celebration launch with her family Thursday in the low-cut, curve-hugging dress with a super-high front slit. Khloe finished off her look with a white bejeweled heel. 
Last April, Kim posted a photo on Instagram (below) wearing the same white dress alongside momager Kris Jenner. (The embroidered Valentino mini Kris is wearing in the pic is the same one Khloé wore in Paris last May for Kim’s pre-wedding festivities.the realest about the Kardashians is that they love to share clothes.)
And below is another low neckline and thigh-high slit, silky draped Lanvin gown which have been rotated in the Kardashian closets. For the record, Khloé wore it first before Kim.
Who wore it better?

Yvonne Nelson poses in new photo

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson who is now rocking short hair, look so breathtaking in a red cut-out dress in a photoshoot with Bob Pixel.
In other news, the actress was feeling nostalgic this morning as she posted on twitter few hours ago that she misses falling in love and remember when last she was in love.
Hope she finds love again. She wrote:

2Face Idibia's 1st daughter turns 9

2face Idibia's kids are all grown up, his first daughter with Pero Adeniyi, Ehi Idibia turned 9-year-old yesterday 27th April and the proud dad celebrated her on his Instagram by sharing her photos with the caption:

oh my cuteness! ehi idibia is 9yrs 2day. gosh time really flies. many more years and blessings for u my princess��. Daddy loves u always. ������HBD darlyn !

160 more women and children rescued from Sambisa forest

The Nigerian Army says it has rescued about 160 more hostages from Sambisa Forest taking the total number liberated this week alone to nearly 500.
The first release of 200 girls and 93 women was announced on Tuesday, raising hopes that some of the 219 girls snatched from their school in Chibok in April last year were among them.
Army spokesman Sani Usman has said the Chibok girls were not part of the group but defence headquarters in Abuja has said it was too early to say.
All the former hostages -- some of whom are said to be traumatised by the experience -- were being screened to determine their identities and from where and when they were kidnapped.
"We are still trying to compute the actual number of those rescued. But tentatively there are about 60 women of various ages and around 100 children," Army spokesman Sani Usman told AFP.
He also said one woman was killed in the fighting and eight other rescued hostages were injured. A soldier was also killed and four others wounded.
Talks with Buhari, who won last month's elections, would focus on international military support to free the Chibok girls as well as improving access to secure schools for girls, he added.
Former military ruler Buhari has vowed to crush Boko Haram.

Senate presidency: 64 Senators endorse Saraki

saraki11Ahead of the inauguration of the 8th Senate, 64 current and senators-elect yesterday had a meeting at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, to endorse the former Kwara State governor, Senator Bukola Saraki, for the post of Senate president.
Quoting a source at the meeting, ThisDay reports that the senators who are backing Saraki had decided to throw their weight behind the former Kwara State governor, because they want a “Senate president who is a product of the members and not imposed by a godfather.”
The insider noted that those present at the meeting comprised 19 senators elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and 45 from the APC.
It was gathered that senators present at the meeting include: Senators Muhammad Adamu Aliero, Danjuma Goje, Andy Uba, Mohammed Ali Ndume, Gilbert Nnaji, Dino Melaye and Isiaka Adeleke, who are new to the senate, the three senators representing Delta State and two from Edo State, among others.
The resolve of the senators is aimed at thwarting attempts by the APC to zone the Senate presidency to the North-East geopolitical zone, and efforts by the National Leader of the party, Bola Tinubu, to foist Senator Ahmed Lawan, his preferred candidate from Yobe State, as Senate President.

15-year-old girl raped and slaughtered at community abattoir in Imo State

A fifteen-year old girl, Miss Odinakachukwu Andrew was raped and later slaughtered by unknown butchers at a local slaughter house in Umunne Ato autonomous community in Eziala Ngulu of Imo state on  Sunday, April 19th 2015.
Odinakachukwu was allegedly abducted from their house located beside Aboh Mbise Divisonal Police Office at exactly 3:12 a.m on that fateful day and was slaughtered as a cow in the community abattoir which shares boundary with the said house and police station.
It was learnt that the deceased just finished from Casita Maria Secondary School, and enrolled for GCE at Ikwuado Secondary School, although she resided with her mother at a rented apartment in her maternal village, Umunne Ato, Eziala Ngulu, due to family crises that separated her parents. Her father hails from Irunato Umunam.
According to our sources, while about 7 masked armed men invaded the compound and forced open with Chinese-karate the door of the room where Odinakachukwu and her siblings and mother were sleeping, some drew the late girl outdoor even as others waited to rape her mother. 
"When they eventually forced themselves into the room, they demanded for Odinakachukwu, pointing their guns on her mother... As the girl was found where she lay in the bed enjoying early morning sleep, they drew her by hair out of the house, with beating of gun booths all over her body. But others remained indoor and raped the mother. While leaving, they shot sporadically on the air to scare people away from the scene because both the girl and her mother were shouting", our source said.
But when contacted, the mother (name withheld) who is currently suffering from partial stroke she sustained from the incident, managed to deny ever being raped, and claimed rather that the hoodlums hit her mercilessly with their gun booths.
Thereafter, our source added, the cries of Odinakachukwu and lights beaming from the torchlight of the miscreants followed the footpath leading to the community abattoir.
The corpse of the late girl was later recovered from the abattoir, around 8a.m same day, by the Nigerian Police Officers after being informed by a-member of Neighbourhood Watch, an Imo State local community vigilante.
It was gathered that the girl’s skull and some other vital parts of women folk were unseen at the time of recovering her from the abattoir.
Confirming the incident, the Traditional Ruler of Umunne Ato autonomous community, Eziala Ngulu, Aboh Mbise, Eze Leo Nkwocha (Eze Ochako Arugwu 1), said  the ugly incident could have been averted if there was enough security men and security gadgets to man all the nooks and crannies of the community.
His words: “We have neither adequate security men nor security gadgets to man every nooks and crannies of the community. If not we could have forestalled the crime. You know that one person cannot be everywhere…But I am surprised because as usual, I patrolled on that day without hearing about any crime only to receive shocking news in the morning. For ten years I ascended throne as a monarch of this community, this kind of heinous crime has never happen.”
HRH Nkwocha, however, noted that two people directly connected to the girl have been arrested to help the police for further investigation, stressing that all is on the way to bring the culprits to book.
A check by news48hrs showed that one of the suspects currently in the police net is the late Odinanachukwu’s boyfriend, whose name could not be ascertained at the time of filing this report.
According to the mother of Late Odinakachukwu, who spoke unconsciously, Odinaka’s boyfriend took her late daughter away from home and co-habitated with her for over two weeks before she was able to locate them and bring Odinaka back, then, directed the young man to meet the girl’s father for necessary action. However, Odinaka was murdered three days after returning home.
The relationship between the living Romeo and slaughtered Juliet, news48hrs further learnt was initiated by a girl of 20+, Miss Ugoma of Uranta, who lived with her parents in the same apartments of four rooms.
Miss Ugoma, our reporter gathered, had been away from the house for almost a month to the ugly occurrence, although she allegedly sneaks home to see her mother every night. However, Ugoma’s mother was said to have told the Police that she knew not the whereabouts of her daughter.
When our reporter visited the scene of the incidence, no single soul was found as all the occupants had deserted it including Odinakachukwu’s mother, who now live in another village away from her former resident.

Why I want to be Reps Speaker–Prof Mojeed Alabi

I Want To Be Speaker,House of Reps-Prof Alabi 
Mojeed  Alabi, has formally declared his interest to contest for the post of Speaker of the incoming House of Representatives.
Alabi who was elected on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for Ede North/ Ede South/ Egbedore/Ejigbo Federal Constituency made the declaration on Thursday in an expression of interest letter released in Abuja at the ongoing induction program for incoming members of the 8th National Assembly.
In it, the University don with vast practical and theoretical experience in lawmaking and parliamentary practice said  “The 8th House of Representatives of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is like no other. Majority of the Members are newly elected into the Green Chambers of the National Assembly, with the democratic dictate of having its way in the choice of the Speaker. ‘
He added that “While the Standing Orders of the House requires “legislative experience” in the National Assembly {Order II Rule 4(a)}, the Constitution permits the Members to elect the Speaker “from among themselves” {s 50(1)(b)}.”
The PhD holder in Political Science from University of Ibadan and PhD from University of Leicester added that  “Honourable Members can, as a matter of necessity, avoid a possible collision between the majority ‘first timers’ and the returnees by electing a Speaker that not only meets the requirements of cognate legislative experience enshrined in the Rules but also capable of enjoying the confidence of his/her peers. Stability of the House requires nothing less.”
The former Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly stressed that ‘‘In the light of this, I hereby present myself to all the elected and re-elected members of the HRs, for an opportunity to serve you as Speaker, taking into cognizance my antecedents"

Nigerian nurse arrested in US for killing a baby left in her care

Nigerian nurse based in the US, Oluyemisi Adebayo, was arrested yesterday at Kennedy International Airport as she was about to flee US, after killing a baby left in her care. Yemisi  almost made it out in time until luck ran against her. She is now charged to court and will face the consequences of what she did to the baby girl trusted in her care.
A complete account from New York daily News says:
Yemisi was nabbed on Wednesday as she was about to board a plane out of the country and leave behind her horrific crime — the killing of a 22-month-old girl from a bath so scalding-hot the child’s skin peeled off, police said.
It was the second day that Oluyemisi Adebayo, 54, was caring for Naomi Mondesire at the child’s home on Memphis Ave. near 145th Ave. in Rosedale. The premature toddler was born at just 25 weeks and needed a tracheotomy tube to breathe. Naomi spent her first year in the hospital, her grandmother said, and still needed to be fed through a tube.
Around 7:25 p.m. on Saturday, Adebayo, a licensed practical nurse, submerged little Naomi in water so hot that it actually burned pieces of skin off the child, according to authorities. The young girl died Monday.
“She couldn’t even scream,” said Naomi’s grandmother Gardite Mondesire, 54, who was at a nearby library when a tenant called her with the terrible news.
Mondesire called Adebayo and asked her what happened. “She said ‘It’s bad. I did something bad. The baby got burned,’” Mondesire said. “But she said she didn’t know how.”
Adebayo was arrested around 7a.m. Wednesday at Kennedy Airport as she tried to board a flight for Nigeria, where she is from, authorities said. She was charged with murder.
The toddler was rushed to Nassau University Medical Center with second- and third-degree burns on more than 50% of her body, according to officials.
“She’s claiming it was a mistake,” said 35-year-old Corey Brock, Naomi’s father. “It’s impossible. She knows what she did because she was trying to flee the country.”
Because of the child’s existing poor health, she was unable to fight off pneumonia and a blood infection that the medical examiner later determined was caused by the burns.
“The tiny victim suffered extraordinarily painful injuries for several days before she died,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. “This is a terribly sad and tragic case that could have been prevented.”
Adebayo told cops she had placed her hand in the water before putting Naomi into the bath and only realized the dangerous temperature when she took the toddler out and saw the skin on her legs peeling off, according to the Queens DA’s office.
But medical workers later told investigators the nature of the injuries did not fit with Adebayo’s account, and that the child was likely submerged waist-deep in 130-degree water for 30 seconds, according to officials.
Authorities believe that Adebayo intentionally put the child in the dangerously hot water, although her motive was unclear.
Naomi’s grieving mother struggled to find the words to describe her loss.
“She was the strongest person I knew, not baby, strongest person I ever knew,” said a shaken Cynthia Mondesire.“It’s senseless. She was my only baby.”
The 32-year-old medical assistant said she suffered two miscarriages before Naomi was born.
“With everything that she’s gone through, she was a fighter,” Mondesire said. “She was just starting to thrive.”-Daily News

Alaba trader docked for raping 11-year-old boy in Lagos

child rape
A 31-year-old man, Samson Ndubuisi, who allegedly had canal knowledge of an 11-year-old boy, was on Wednesday hauled up before an Apapa Magistrates' Court, Lagos.
Ndubuisi, a resident of No. 3/4, Umuaka Close, Ilufe Junction, Alaba Market, Lagos, is facing a two-count charge of conspiracy and sexual assault by penetration.
The Prosecutor, ASP Soji Ojaokomo told the court that the accused committed the offences on April 12 at his apartment.
Ojaokomo said the accused had canal knowledge of boy without his consent.
''The complainant said that on that fateful day, he went to fetch water at one Mrs Doris Ezenwa's company. He said while he was fetching water, the accused called him and took him to a room where he forcefully had canal knowledge of him through the anus.
''The boy said that each time he went to fetch water Ndubuisi would take him to the usual spot and have sex with him. The complainant also said that the accused also bribed him with N100 each time he slept with him.
''The 11-year-old boy said they were caught by two men, who were Ndubuisi's colleague at the water company. The boy said the accused threatened to kill him if he dare tell his parents about it,’’ he said.
Ojaokomo said the offences contravened the provision of Sections 259 and 409 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.
The accused, however, pleaded not guilty.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Section 259 prescribes life imprisonment for sexual assault by penetration.
The Magistrate, Mr Patrick Adekomaiya, granted the accused bail in the sum of
N 50,000 with one surety in like sum.
He adjourned the case till May 28 for trial.

Fuel scarcity: Nigerian oil marketers to be settled in 24 hours

Nigerian Federal Government has promised to pay petroleum marketers the sum of N156 billion to alleviate fuel scarcity spreading across the nation.
Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who spoke with reporters yesterday in Abuja, said that all outstanding payments to the marketers would be resolved as well.
“On the issue of oil marketers, we have really been working with them and we have been dialoguing with them all along. We’ve paid N350 billion in December, we paid them N31 billion in foreign exchange differentials and by tomorrow (Thursday) we will be paying them N100 billion for which we had earlier given them IOUs for as well as their interest rate differentials of N56 billion.
“So, I am about to go and sign, to get that paid and I think that Nigerians can see that the government is making maximum effort to accommodate the oil marketers. They are also Nigerians, and they need to also cooperate with us,” she said.
Okonjo-Iweala appealed to them to bear with the Federal Government as it tries to prioritise its policies in the face of dwindling revenues.
She further noted that the government had in December 2014 paid the sum of N350 billion to oil marketers, noting that an additional N31 billion in foreign exchange differentials had already been released.

More Nigerians awaiting execution in Indonesia -Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa

After the execution of four Nigerians and four other nationals in Indonesia on drug-related crimes on Tuesday, reports have said there are more Nigerians on death row in the country.
According to the chairperson of  the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora Matters, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, there are several more Nigerians awaiting execution in Indonesia.
Dabiri-Erewa made the disclosure on Tuesday night, while speaking on a television programme in Lagos.
According to Dabiri-Erewa, she was part of a Federal Government delegation that visited Indonesia in 2008 and found that there were 21 Nigerians on death row for drug offenses.
She said that Nigeria could not stop the executions because the law in Indonesia prescribes the death penalty for drug trafficking.

Nigerian government demands corpse of executed Nigerians from Indonesia

Federal Government Demands Corpses Of Executed Nigerians In Indonesia For Decent Burial
Nigerian government said it has asked the Indonesian government to repatriate the corpses of the executed persons for decent burial.

The Federal Government has described the execution of four Nigerians by Indonesian authorities over drug offences as a disappointment.
In a statement on Wednesday, April 29, by the Public Communications Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja, the government has requested the immediate repatriation of the corpses of the executed persons in order for them to be given a decent burial in their various communities.
The government extends its condolences to the families of the deceased.
The statement says, “The Federal Government of Nigeria has received with deep disappointment, news of the execution of four Nigerians, Messrs Martin Anderson, Okwudili Oyatanze, Jaminu Abashin and Sylvester Obiekwe by the government of Indonesia for drug-related offences.
“These executions have taken place despite spirited pleas for clemency made at the highest level by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and more recently Ambassador Aminu Wali, Minister of Foreign Affairs, on April 21, 2015, during the 10th Anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership Summit, which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia,
“The Federal Government wishes to express its condolences to the families of the deceased. It has asked the Indonesian Government for the repatriation of the remains of the executed persons, so that they can be accorded decent burial in their various communities.
“The Federal Government seizes this opportunity to once again, warn all Nigerians to desist from drug trafficking and other offences that attract maximum punishment in several countries of the world. The Federal Government will continue to promote the welfare and protect the lives of Nigerians abroad, no matter their circumstances.
“Furthermore, government is committed to engage the government of Indonesia and other friendly countries regarding the conclusion of Prisoner Transfer Agreements and other bilateral means of safeguarding the interest and welfare of Nigerians.”

Faces of foreigners executed by Indonesia

As well as the two Australian ringleaders of the Bali Nine drug smuggling ring, Indonesia executed four Nigerian men, one man from Brazil and one Indonesian. A woman from the Philippines and a Frenchman were temporarily reprieved

The eight people who were executed in Indonesia on 29 April 2015. Top row from left (including two of the Bali Nine): Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, Nigerian Okwuduli Oyatanze and Nigerian Martin Anderson. Bottom row from left: Nigerians Raheem Agbaje Salami, Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte, Zainal Abidin. Two others (not pictured) who were scheduled to be executed were given a temporary reprieve.
The eight people who were executed in Indonesia on 29 April 2015. Top row from left (including two of the Bali Nine): Australians Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, Nigerian Okwuduli Oyatanze and Nigerian Martin Anderson. Bottom row from left: Nigerians Raheem Agbaje Salami, Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, Brazilian Rodrigo Gularte and Indonesian Zainal Abidin. Two others (not pictured) who were scheduled to be executed were given a temporary reprieve. Photograph: The Guardian

Jonathan sacks NPA MD, appoints replacement

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has approved the appointment of Sanusi Lamido Ado Bayero as the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), a statement by the presidency has said.
Mr. Sanusi, a lawyer, from Kano State, takes over from Habib Abdullahi, who has been relieved of his appointment as Managing Director of the Authority.
No reason was given for Mr. Abdullahi’s removal.
The appointment of the new NPA boss takes effect from Thursday, April 30.
“President Jonathan thanks the outgoing Managing Director for his services and wishes well in his future endeavours,” the statement said.

Kidnapped twin sister of gospel act, Kenny K’ore rescued

(Kenny K'ore and his twin sister, Taiwo. Photo: Filed) 
Taiwo Oluwatoyin Akinbode, twin sister to gospel artiste, Kenny K’ore, kidnapped about two weeks ago has been rescued. Elated K’ore confirmed via facebook that his twin sister regained her freedom through the intervention of a private security agent engaged by the family. Taiwo was reportedly abducted on Friday, April 16, 2015 on her way to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. The kidnappers had consequently demanded a ransom of N5m for her release. but according to K’ore, her twin sister was ‘released without harm to her and without a ransom paid.’ Taiwo spent 13 days with her captors before she regained her freedom. See her brother’s message below…
Taiwo Oluwatoyin Akinbode, twin sister to gospel artiste, Kenny K’ore, kidnapped about two weeks ago has been rescued. Elated K’ore confirmed via facebook that his twin sister regained her freedom through the intervention of a private security agent engaged by the family. Taiwo was reportedly abducted on Friday, April 16, 2015 on her way to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. The kidnappers had consequently demanded a ransom of N5m for her release. but according to K’ore, her twin sister was ‘released without harm to her and without a ransom paid.’ Taiwo spent 13 days with her captors before she regained her freedom. See her brother’s message below… kennyq...

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(Kenny K'ore and his twin sister, Taiwo. Photo: Filed) (Kenny K’ore and his twin sister, Taiwo. Photo: Filed) Taiwo Oluwatoyin Akinbode, twin sister to gospel artiste, Kenny K’ore, kidnapped about two weeks ago has been rescued. Elated K’ore confirmed via facebook that his twin sister regained her freedom through the intervention of a private security agent engaged by the family. Taiwo was reportedly abducted on Friday, April 16, 2015 on her way to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital. The kidnappers had consequently demanded a ransom of N5m for her release. but according to K’ore, her twin sister was ‘released without harm to her and without a ransom paid.’ Taiwo spent 13 days with her captors before she regained her freedom. See her brother’s message below… kennyq...

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